Sander van houdt


After more than 8 years of working at agencies, I started at Blendle in 2014. Working at agencies made me understand that I really missed finishing and optimizing products. This, and more it would seem, was something I could do at Blendle.

Blendle was something else. It's a start-up focussed on the importance of journalism. Allowing users to not buy entire newspapers but allow them to buy single articles they like through microtransactions. From the start my work at Blendle was quite chaotic, but bristling with energy. I worked on the onboarding, checkout, and article layouts, but also used my agency and branding skills to clear the way for a project to rebrand Blendle.

Besides design work I also became scrummaster for the international team. It was this team with amazing people that was responsible for the launch of Blendle in Germany and the U.S.